How to wear hair under graduation cap

What is the best hairstyle for graduation?

13 Graduation Hairstyles That Will Still Look Cute Under Your Grad Cap Loose Pigtails. Presley AnnGetty Images. Wispy Bangs. Getty Images. Natural Texture. Getty Images. Sleek Bun. Getty Images. Teased Ponytail. Getty Images. Side -Swept Curls . Getty Images. Romantic Braid . Getty Images. Rolled-Under Ends. Getty Images.

Should I curl or straighten my hair for graduation?

Graduation season usually aligns with spring’s warmest weather, which means having your hair off your neck is a smart move. If you don’t have a curling iron, try curling with a hair straightener instead.

What should you not wear to graduation?

Being Underdressed or Overdressed. Clothes that are too formal, or not formal enough, will make you feel out of place when you should feel relaxed. Wearing jeans to your college graduation probably isn’t a smart choice, but a ball gown isn’t quite right, either. Aim for business or business casual for the ceremony.

How do I keep my graduation cap from falling off?

Congrats, grad : here’s how to keep your graduation cap from falling off your head Try not to wear the cap too far back on your head. If possible, the cap should partially cover your forehead. Hairspray and pins are your new closest friends. Put a headband in there. As soon as you get the cap , just throw it in the air.

How should a graduation cap fit?

3. Put your cap on correctly. The pointed tip of your cap is meant to go in the front of your head while the elastic band should go behind. The cap should be worn directly on your head and not tilted back and it should lie about one inch above your eyebrows.

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Which side does tassel go on before graduation?

Traditionally tassels are worn on the right side and moved to the left during a special portion of the ceremony for high school graduates. For college graduates, Bachelor again wear tassels on right side until their degrees are conferred, then move to left . Graduate students wear on left from the beginning.

How do you look good in graduation pictures?

10 Quick Tips for Better College Graduation Photos Tell a Story with Your College Graduation Photos . A single image can capture a moment, but it can rarely tell a story. Get at Least One Close-Up of the Gown. Capture the Joy of the Day. Get Some Shots with Best Friends. Get Some Landscape Shots. Use the College as a Backdrop. Get a Few Formal Shots. Don’t Be Afraid of Shade.

What is the best dress to wear for graduation?

A high-low dress with frills or a crop top and A-line skirt are great options that are youthful but look stylish and flattering. Opt for bright and summery colors to make yourself shine, and rock a pair of kitten heels so you can add a bit of extra height.

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