How to use hair donut bun maker

How do you use a bun maker tool?

HOW TO USE : Stick your hair through the middle of the two “sticks” Pull tool toward the end of your hair. Roll the bun maker (with your hair inside) toward your head. “Snap” the bun maker into the circle shape. Spread your hair out evenly around the tool .

How do you do a donut bun without a donut?

Move the doughnut down slightly to catch the hair. Make a bun doughnut from a sock you don’t need. Find a (clean!) sock that has a good amount of elastic in the ankle. Cut the toe off of the sock. Roll from the new toe hole towards the ankle. You should get a small, bunched-up, doughnut -like piece of elastic.

What is the best hair bun maker?

Best Sellers in Hair Bun & Crown Shapers #1. Donut Hair Bun Maker 7 Pieces, Teenitor Ring Style Bun Maker Set with Hair Bun Makers (1 extra… Women’s Hair Bun Maker French Twist Hair Fold Wrap Snap by Andlane (1 Black, 1 Brown) Styla Hair Magic Bun Maker (2 Small, 2 Large) Foam Sponge Bun Shaper Hair Accessories (Black)

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