How to use flexi rods on long hair

How long do you leave flexi rods in your hair?

For best results, sit under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until completely dry. If your hair still feels damp, add more time. Because your style results depend on it, dry hair is necessary. You can also air dry – but be prepared to leave the rods in for 2 – 3 hours, or sleep in them overnight.

Can you use flexi rods on dry hair?

Flexi rods are easy to use on dry or wet hair and produce a multitude of results depending on the size, hair moisture, and length of time you leave them in. Flexi rods are long foam tubes with a wire down the middle that come in varying thicknesses.

Can flexi rods damage hair?

Flexi Rods The completely even surface allows your hair to be set without causing damage . But when wrinkles occur – and they do after some serious bending and multiple sets – it might be time to replace the rod .

Is it better to use flexi rods on wet or dry hair?

Is it Better to Flexi Rod Your Hair Wet or Dry ? So, while you can use flexi – rods on dry hair to get natural curls, you’ll still need to add some moisture with the Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer. You’ll get the best results at the onset if your hair is wet .

How many flexi rods do I need for a full head?

How many rods will I need? Depending on your hair’s length, texture, and fullness, I recommend having at least thirty rollers ready to go. It is not a great feeling when you get to the front of your head and can’t finish because you ran out of rollers.

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What size flexi rods should I use?

What Size Flexi Rods Should I Use ? All flexi – rods should work on any hair type due to their versatility. However, if you prefer smaller curls, use smaller flexi – rods and for bigger, looser curls, use the bigger flexi – rods .

Do flexi rods stretch natural hair?

THEY PROMOTE HAIR HEALTH. As I previously mentioned, stretching natural hair without the use of heat results in less tangles and ultimately less breakage. Not to mention there are a couple of other benefits. Unlike some other hair tools, flexi rods are made of foam with a sleek protective coating on the outside.

Can flexi rods be dipped in hot water?

Grab a bowl and full it with water put it in the microwave for 5-7 minutes so the water can be hot . It needs to be hot so the hair can curl. Dip the hair in the water and let it sit for 10-15 seconds.

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