How to shade anime hair

How do you shade anime hair step by step?

Shading Anime “ Hair Over One” Eye Step by Step Step 1 – Prepare a Line Drawing of the Hair . Anime hair over one eye line drawing . Step 2 – Color the Hair . Anime hair over one eye coloring . Step 3 – Add the Shading . Anime hair over one eye shading . Step 4 – Add the Highlights. Anime hair over one eye highlights drawing .

How do you highlight anime hair?

The most basic type of hair highlight used in anime and manga can just be draw as one simple shape. For this type of hair highlight simply draw two lines to indicate the top and bottom of the hair highlight and then either leave the area white or color it in with a bright color.

How do they color anime?

After they are drawn and checked, they are digitized. Once they are on the computer, they are painted with a specified color palette by painting staff (generally a low paid job). They use the shading lines drawn by the key animators to do the shading colours.

How do you mix anime skin tones?

Modify your base skintone to create the different skin tones you need. For lighter skin tones , add more white and Venetian red. If the color becomes too red, add a bit of yellow and blue to balance out the red. Create darker skintones by adding burnt umber and additional Venetian red to your base skintone .

How do you shade anime faces?

Top Lit Anime Face Shading Forehead – will be completely lit up as it curves towards the above light source. Nose – the upper side as it faces towards the light. Cheeks – the upper area of the cheekbones. Upper Lip – as it sticks out just a little bit and will catch some of the light.

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