How to rejuvenate curly hair

How can I Revitalise my curls?

“To revive your curls in-between washes, simply wet your hands and scrunch to re-hydrate. Because curly hair can tend to lose its texture, you could use a Redken’s sea-salt spray, or Kerastase’s gentler Eau de Vagues sugar spray, for beachy waves with added hold.”

How can I repair my damaged curly hair?

How to repair damaged curly hair Step 1 – Clarify. And I mean clarify with a real clarifying shampoo. Step 2 – Deep Condition. If your hair is breaking and feels brittle, look for a moisturizing deep conditioner. Step 3 – Style. Look out for protein and moisture in your products and choose wisely. Step 4 – Maintain. Pay close attention to your hair .

How can I repair my curly hair without cutting it?

7 steps to treat heat damaged hair without cutting it Prevent further damage . The most important step when it comes to repairing damaged hair is to prevent further damage . Choose nourishing haircare products. Try a no-heat hairstyle. Cool it. Try a Treatment! Stop towel-drying! Be gentle brushing.

Why has my curly hair gone straight?

Some people have straight hair and want curly hair . But for a few people, their hair actually changes shape and texture on its own — and not just because of the weather. Scientists don’t know exactly why this happens, but it probably has to do with a combination of genetics, hormones and body chemistry.

How long does it take to repair damaged curly hair?

If your hair isn’t too damaged , Judy says you might see results after the first treatment. If things are a bit more serious, it might take two to three months of bi-weekly treatments, along with conservative heat styling.

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Why am I losing my curls?

Hormonal changes like pregnancy, puberty or menopause can cause your curl pattern to change drastically. The shape of your hair follicles defines your curl pattern and texture, so when your body goes through a major hormonal overhaul, it can also change the shape of your follicles, thus changing your curl pattern.

How can I repair my damage without cutting it?

How to Repair Damaged Hair ( Without Cutting It) Get A Professional Smoothing Treatment. Get Fresh Cuts . Use A Restorative Clarifying Shampoo. Avoid Heat and/or Use A Heatspray. Mend With Masks. Give TLC To Those Ends . Look Into Your Water. Get Regular Blow Outs.

Can I revive dead hair?

For the most part, hair damage is permanent because hair is actually a collection of dead cells, making them beyond repair. But don’t despair, with proper hair care and a few targeted treatments, you can help restore the outer cuticle and begin to improve the look and feel of your hair .

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