How to get audrey hepburn hair

Did Audrey Hepburn really cut her hair?

In Roman Holiday, Hepburn actually had her hair cut on screen. Her new short do became all the rage (think Jennifer Aniston’s hair do from Friends).

Why did Audrey Hepburn cut her hair?

I eventually talked Audrey into cutting her hair off… Givenchy was one of her greatest friends and he was kind of leaning towards that also. She needed to come up to date with her look not only in dressing, but also in hair and makeup.

What Colour was Audrey Hepburn’s hair?


Did Audrey Hepburn have long hair?

Hepburn not only had extraordinary style but she was a pioneer of fashion right from the start of her career in the early 50s, through the 1960s up until her death in 1993. Audrey Hepburn’s hair continually morphed from long and short, to bangs and a bob.

What is Audrey Hepburn’s accent?

When she went back to the Netherlands, her Dutch left a lot to be desired. Still, she became bilingual and spent her teenage year in an non English speaking country, speaking in Dutch with her mother and relatives. Hence the “European” accent .

What face shape did Audrey Hepburn have?


Did Audrey Hepburn dye her hair?

She was doing a lot of filming, and her hair was in terrible condition because of all the styling and coloring they were doing on set. “So she went to see him and requested a moisturizing treatment that wasn’t going to weigh her hair down, as she had quite fine hair .

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Who is Audrey Hepburn’s daughter?

Audrey Hepburn (born Audrey Kathleen Ruston; 4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993) was a British actress and humanitarian.

Audrey Hepburn
Children Sean Hepburn Ferrer Luca Dotti
Parent(s) Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston or Hepburn -Ruston Baroness Ella van Heemstra

What color eyes does Audrey have?

Audrey Hepburn’s eyes color – green/brown and hair color – dark brown . Find this Pin and more on Actresses by BHW celebrities.

How old was Audrey Hepburn when she died?

63 years (1929–1993)

Who invented the pixie haircut?

Audrey Hepburn

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