How to draw nappy hair

How can I practice drawing hair?

Straight Hair Lay in the Shape. Start your drawing by laying in the overall shape of the hairstyle with a pencil. Apply the Darks. Blend, Reapply Darks and Lift. Lay in the Shape. Build up the Hair Strands. Blend and Lift. Draw the Shapes. Create the Hair Strands.

Can you get rid of nappy hair?

There are a few ways to get rid of nappy hair : You can use a permanent straightener, opt for a temporary chemical straightener or you can apply a texturizer, which is a mild relaxer that loosens curly hair .

How do you draw eyes easily?

Step 1: Outline. Okay, to start, draw the basic almond-shaped outline of the eye . Step 2: Inner Circle. Now draw the inner circle of the eye . Step 3: Pupil and Highlight. Step 4: Fill in the Pupil. Step 5: Upper and Lower Eyelid. Step 6: Begin Drawing the Eyelashes. Step 7: Darken a Few Things Up. Step 8: Lines and Lashes.

How do you draw anime hair better?

Let’s see how to use this method in practice to draw straight anime hair step by step! Draw the “helmet” to mark the distance from the head. Draw the basic shape of the hairstyle . Draw the bangs. Draw the inner outline of the hairstyle now. Draw some secondary rhythm lines inside the main outline.

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