How much is the nono hair removal system

Does a NoNo remove hair permanently?

Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology The new technology of no! no! is there for permanent , safe hair removal . In addition, NoNo Hair Removal does not use razor or any kinds of lights; no lasers and no IPL.

Does NoNo work on men’s facial hair?

no! 8800 series has adjustable treatment levels; you can even use the no! no! to treat facial hair .

What is the difference between NoNo Pro 3 and Nono Pro 5?

No! Pro . However, the principal difference between the models is that the Pro is more powerful than the 8800 model, with the Pro 3 having three different settings, whilst the Pro 5 has five. Both models have FDA clearance to sell directly to consumers.

How often should you use no no hair removal?

A: We recommend you use no ! no ! 2 to 3 times a week for the first 4 to 6 weeks. After that, use only when necessary.

Does hair grow back thicker after using no no?

A: Yes, some of it will. However, it will grow back looking thinner and finer. If you stop using no ! no !, hair growth may eventually return to its previous pattern.

Do Nono really work?

Nono just burns off the hair. It doesn’t reduce growth rates at all. I used to work in the industry and apparently over half are returned for a refund, which tells you how good people think they are.

Can you use the NoNo on your face?

no! 8800 Series is a hair removal product calling its technology Thermicon™ using heat to singe the hair below the skin . It’s a bit different than their Classic model as it can be used on the face . And except for the breast and genitals, it can be used on the body.

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Does NoNo work on GREY hair?

Since the NoNo uses heat to melt the hair , it should work on gray .

Is no no IPL?

no ! no ! ® IPL uses Intense Pulsed Light technology for a simple, painless hair removal treatment that over time can reduce hair regrowth for weeks of long-lasting, professional results. Uses IPL technology with a built-in skin contact sensor, skin tone sensor and UV filter.

Is it bad to remove facial hair?

Skin irritation and redness are the most common side effects of hair removal . Shaving can cause skin cuts and may lead to ingrown hairs . Plucking can hurt, especially if a lot of hairs are removed. Using hot wax can burn your skin.

Does Nono work on coarse hair?

no! no! ® works just as well on thick, coarse hair as it does on thin. However, because of the nature of coarse hair , results may take a bit longer to become noticeable.

How often do you replace No No Thermicon tips?

The status screen will indicate when you need to replace the tips . Depending on use, average tip life can range from 1-3 months.

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