Best products for 3c hair

What products work best for 3c hair?

Best Products For 3C hair DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Green Tea Butter Conditioning Mask. This treatment mask is great for extremely dry 3C hair. Kinder Curls Super Curls Styler. Love Beauty & Planet Lavender & Argan Natural Oils Infusion. Dove Curls Defining Mousse. Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel .

How do I rehydrate my 3c hair?

Try spritzing your hair with water every day, using just a store-bought moisturizing cream on your ends daily or even both for extra hydration and moisture retention. Outside of daily moisturizing, deep conditioning is the single most powerful practice you can add to your haircare routine to transform your curls.

What does it mean to have 3c hair?

Type 3C : This is sometimes called “curly-coily” hair due to its density. It’s made up of tightly-packed corkscrew-like curls that tend to be as big around as a pencil. 3C tends to have the highest amount of volume, but also tends to have the most shrinkage.

How often should you wash natural 3c hair?

I will say that, in my personal experience, for me at least once a week is absolutely necessary. This is true because my hair tangles more and more as time goes by without washing it. So, in essence, the drier that my 3c hair gets, the more difficult it is to manage.

How often should you deep condition 3c hair?

Deep condition every week or bi-weekly. Since Type 3 hair has a tendency to get dry quickly and takes issue with encountering an abundant amount of frizz, deep conditioning when you shampoo each week (or bi-weekly) will assist in alleviating those problems.

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How do you sleep with 3c hair?

Wash and go (light air-dry) Remove the t-shirt. Let your hair set for at least 30 min. Place your hair in a low bun. Cover it with a shower cap and then a scarf. In the morning, gently release the bun and your curls will be intact.

What is the difference between 3c and 4a hair?

The 3b/ 3c Kinky Curly texture has the tightest of curl patterns of all the hair texture. It has bouncy curls that resemble ringlets. The 3c / 4a Kinky Coily texture has a tight and defined curl pattern. It has coarse, “S” shaped coils with a bit of frizz.

How do you detangle severely matted hair?

Run the bottom blade of the scissors along the underside of the mat, then gently tug at your hair to remove loose strands. Use a wide-toothed comb until the severe mats and tangles have been straightened out. Switch to a fine-toothed comb or a brush to remove any small knots that may remain.

How do you get really bad knots out of your hair?

Apply hair conditioner, hand lotion, warm olive oil, or a special detangler product to de- knot . All have been proven to work towards detangling anything from a minor snarl to a massive rats nest. Finger comb the product through your hair and let the conditioning item sit for a few minutes.

What does 3c hair look like?

Type 3C hair texture has tight curls and is amply voluminous. The stands are densely packed together, tightly curled and borderlines kinky hair . Most women have two different hair textures at various parts of their head.

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