Best hair for marley twists

What is the best hair to use for Marley twist?

What hair is used for Marley twists ? You can use any kinky texture hair extension such as Marley hair , Cuban hair , and any other kinky hair extension you can find. If you prefer to install Marley twists with the crochet method, you can just buy the pre-looped Marley twists crochet hair packs.

What products do you use for Marley twists?

To successfully install Marley twists , you will need 5-6 packs of Kanekalon hair extensions— Cuban Twist hair is a great route to go—, a rat-tail and wide-tooth comb, hair clips (optional), edge control gel, a hydrating curl cream such as the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Smoothie, and an anti-frizz

What hair is best for passion twists?

The most popular hair that is used for the passion twists is the Freetress Water Wave hair . The best hair for passion twists is one that has a medium sized wave — not too tight and not too loose. You also want a hair that doesn’t tangle easily. This will help make the installation so much easier.

What hair is used for Havana twists?

Kanekelon hair is the highest quality of synthetic fibers available that mimics coarser hair textures. Havana twists are larger in size and use hair that is more coarse in texture than Marley hair , but is much lighter in weight.

What styles can you do with Marley hair?

Some braid options that you can do with Marley braid hair are box braids, cornrow braids, and ponytail braid hairstyles .

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How much does Marley hair cost?

Both Havana and Marley hair twists typically cost between $100-$160 for installation, depending on the length and thickness of your hair .

How many times can you reuse Marley hair?

The answer: Marley braiding hair can be washed and reused for multiple uses! After emptying out our pockets to buy multiple packs of Marley braiding hair it is hard to let go of such a costly investment.

How long can I keep Marley twists in?

8 weeks

How many packs of hair do I need for passion twist?

Different brands have varying amounts of hair per pack . Our passion twist braiding hair has extra strands than most packs and requires 4 – 5 packs for a full head of passion twists . While other brands can take 7 – 9 packs .

Are passion twists bad for your hair?

Passion Twists are not bad for your hair if applied correctly. In fact, Passion Twists are particularly beneficial for hair and are a protective style that facilitates hair growth.

How many packs of hair do you need for passion twist?

seven packs

What hair do you need for spring twist?

Spring hair typically comes in a pack with three bundles of hair , but most people only need one and a half bundles to complete their entire head. To achieve medium-sized twists , split each coil in the pack into two, or into three, or four if you want smaller twist .

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