Before laser hair removal appointment

When should you shave before laser hair removal?

It is important to shave before your laser hair removal appointment, 24 hours before is recommended. If we perform a treatment on freshly shaven skin i.e. skin that has been shaved on the day of treatment, we run the risk of causing damage to your skin with our lasers .

Can you workout before laser hair removal?

Do not exercise before the treatment . Avoid applying any products on areas of treatment , keep it dry and clean prior to treatment . Do not expose the skin to UV light (sunlight or sunbeds) or apply any self-tanning products for 8 weeks prior to treatment .

What happens if you don’t shave before laser hair removal?

If you were unable to shave your hair or couldn’t remove enough, your laser hair removal technician can remove the rest of it before your treatment . Make sure you don’t shave immediately before your laser hair removal treatment , as this increases the odds for inflammation and swelling.

What questions should I ask before laser hair removal?

10 Questions To Ask Before Getting Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment When should I start treatment ? How many treatments will I need? Am I suitable for the procedure? Are there any side effects? What technology do you use? Are the staff properly trained? Is there any downtime following treatment ?

How long after laser hair removal will hair fall out?

5-14 days

Can I shave in between laser treatments?

Unlike waxing, tweezing, threading, bleaching and epilating, it is absolutely fine to shave your hair in between your sessions, making laser a much more manageable ‘self-maintenance’ method of hair removal. You should shave no less than 24 hours before the day of your next treatment to avoid irritation on the skin.

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Can I shave 2 hours before laser?

Shave , don’t wax! The root of the hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to identify it, so avoid waxing, epilating, use of depilatory creams or anything that might disturb the hair follicle. Instead, shave the treatment area 12-14 hours before your appointment.

How long after laser can I shower?

24 hours

What should you not do after laser?

Avoid hot baths and showers Laser treatments effectively create heat in the skin, so it is important to avoid hot baths or showers that might increase your body temperature and lead to irritation. In fact, we recommend avoiding anything that could get you hot or sweaty such as exercise, saunas or spas.

What happens if you wait too long between laser hair removal?

What Happens If You Wait Too Long Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments? If you want too long between treatments, your hair follicles won’t be damaged enough to stop growing hair . You ‘ll see an initial thinning, but your results will fade, and it won’t be long before you ‘re back to normal hair growth.

Can I do laser hair removal every week?

At The Cosmetic Clinic, as a rule of thumb, to help permanently reduce your hair growth, you will need to visit us in clinic for a laser hair removal session every 2-4 weeks , for a minimum of 6-12 treatments. For the face, the growth cycle is faster so usually to start with a visit ever 2 weeks is required.

How can I speed up the shedding after laser hair removal?

But if you want to help speed up this process, you can gently exfoliate your skin using a shower loofah or body scrub after laser hair removal . Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can do this anywhere from 1 to 3 times per week.

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Who is not suitable for laser hair removal?

While most people can safely get laser hair removal , some might not be the right candidate. People with light skin and hair . Skin types prone to pigmentation. People with skin conditions. People who are pregnant. The area of treatment .

Do you shave before a laser consultation?

The treatment area should be shaved completely prior to treatment. Legs should be shaved no sooner than 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid irritation. Do not wax, tweeze, epilate or use chemical depilatories between laser treatments.

How do you know if laser hair removal is working?

How Will I Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Working ? Your hair becomes slower to regrow. It’s lighter in texture. You find it easier to shave. Your skin is less irritated. Ingrown hairs have started to disappear. Your hair free periods in between your sessions are increasing dramatically.

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